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The Hungry English app will give full power to teachers to post their CV, details and record a small audio message to showcase themselves to parents. At the same time, parents can sign up and state their learning schedule, details and scroll through all the potential teachers that they could have. The parents / students can then select to receive more information about a specific number of teachers. Once this happens, the team at Hungry English will receive the request, and then contact the parent and get to know them and their requirements better. The team then gives further details of the teacher and discusses a tailored schedule for the parent and teacher to start.

One of the key values that Hungry English wants to offer is the highest level of teaching quality in a standardised way. Therefore guides, lesson plans and materials will be provided to all teaching staff. So all lessons, regardless of delivery to children or adults will: - Start on time - Have a lesson plan - Ensure a fair mixture of speaking, listening and multimedia - Be safe - Be fun - Be engaging

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